When I purchased a couple loosies at Sam & Sam Meat Market, I didn’t get Eric Garnered by the local cops. Why? Because my loosies were individual dinner rolls from the bin under the lunchmeat counter, not individual cigarettes from an open pack of Newport. Sure, I could have purchased a full bag of pumpernickel rolls, but I only needed two, so I purchased the loosies.

The demand for loosies is especially large in low income areas. I’ve seen store owners sell loose cigarettes, diapers, condoms, and even sheets of rolling papers. Many places that should only sell six-packs of beer allow you to buy single bottles. So, what’s the big deal?

The cigarette manufacturers are a big part of this problem. They are somehow stuck on the 20-pack which I remember costing 35 cents and now can exceed $7.00. Good business people would recognize that there’s a demand for fewer cigarettes that cost less, so why not make a 6-pack? Wrigley’s chewing gum figured out a long time ago that folks buy the 6-pack of gum or the big pack depending on their need.

Who couldn’t invent a machine that dispenses single cigarettes? Put a dollar in, get a loosey out. They’ve got similar machines in women’s bathrooms, so we already have the technology.

Before the next victimless criminal gets choked out, can we come to our senses regarding the loosey? It ain’t that serious.

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