I’m not sure if you call it a complete victory, but Judge Kenney has helped the Chester-Upland school district win one battle in their quest to save the district from financial collapse. Now, it’s up to the state to decide if they’ll kick in any money to fill the gaps.

Judge Kenney agreed to the revised reimbursement formula paid to charter schools for special education students. $40,000 per student was the plan, $16,000 was recommended, and $27,028.72 was approved. That strange dollar amount is derived from an even stranger multiplier that this strange process has devised.

The amount is based on the regular education tuition rate of $10,683.29, with that figure multiplied by 2.53 to figure the special education rate.

Vince Filliben comes to mind when I try to fathom how they came up with 2.53. Mr. Filliben was my algebra teacher at Archmere Academy and if we were confused during a lecture, we’d ask, “Where’d you get that number from?”

He’d slowly put down the chalk, turn from the board and face the class, stare toward the ceiling, then snatch his empty hand in the air and slap it loudly on the board. Then he’d say, “That’s where I got that number from.”

I’m not trying to say that the 2.53 number comes out of thin air, but it sure seems that way.

Read about the Judge’s ok in the Delcotimes

p.s. I just happened to do a search on Vince Filliben to make sure I spell his name correctly and learned that he passed away this summer. Condolence to my classmate and teammate J.V. For those of us who enjoyed him as a teacher and a basketball and baseball coach as I did, here’s a great obit from Delaware Online.