I never thought the day would come when Playboy magazine would call my bluff. Years ago I made the claim that if Playboy would sell a version of their magazine without the nudes, I’d subscribe.

I’m that guy who’d get Playboy for the articles and interviews. I once worked with a guy who enjoyed the articles, too, and we’d race to read each issue and talk about the articles at work like two women talking about the latest episode of Scandal. I realize that it’s hard for most to believe that any literary good could come out of Playboy, but that proves most people haven’t read the magazine.

I’m an old magazine junkie who spent 4 years of college work-study loving each moment I spent fetching periodicals from the cavernous stacks hidden behind the walls of Falvey Memorial library at Villanova. I don’t subscribe to as many as I used to, but I still look forward to seeing Time magazine show up on the weekends. When it doesn’t, I want to call the cops.

If it was okay for Dr. Martin Luther King to be interviewed in Playboy and Alex Haley to be a staff writer, it’s okay for me to break out the credit card and get a second magazine coming to the house. The money saved on paying naked ladies will be well spent on more great articles and interviews in Playboy.