I’ve been following the woes of the Chester-Upland school district since I started writing in 2006. Today, I don’t have to write a thing to describe the latest issues.

Here’s a few quotes from an audit conducted on the state board of education that says it all.

The board’s “Basic Education Master Plan,” supposedly a roadmap for statewide education policy, has not been updated for 16 years.

The auditors identified 561 academically struggling schools that serve more than 310,000 students but do not receive as much special state assistance as other schools because the department has failed to define “poorly performing” schools and targets its assistance based on federal guidelines.

“If (the board) had actively updated its plan, it would have better positioned itself as a leader in developing educational police, instead of relying on gubernatorial convened commissions of stakeholders, whose agenda were controlled” outside of the board, the audit says.

If something changes as a result of the audit, I’ll write on that.

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