sonofbencusd1Y’all trying to make me cry.

The Sons of Ben philanthropy Director Bill Gusler, brought lunches to the teachers of the Chester Upland School District High School to thank them for agreeing to start the school year without pay. (Thankfully we found out yesterday they will receive paychecks after all).

What more can the Sons of Ben do around here? Known for bringing Philadelphia a MLS soccer franchise which plays in a new stadium in Chester, they not only command the river side of the stadium cheering their team on with drums, songs, smoke, flags, and scarves, while standing the entire game, they have proven to be Chester’s largest contributor to all causes we’re in need of.

They bring tons of food to the Bernadine Center, hundreds of coats for families without, playgrounds where there were none before, and now they’re feeding the teachers who are willing to work without pay.

Let’s not forget ‘Sons of Ben – The Movie’ which has put Chester on screens across the globe and has won a film festival in Japan. I’m trying to get the movie shown in Chester but I need a charity to step up so we can raise funds from the proceeds. Any takers?