The Chester Panther youth football team invited former NFL defensive back (corner) LaMar Campbell to their practice yesterday.

LaMar played 5 seasons with the Detroit Lions and graduated from the University of Wisconsin. He’s now living in Atlanta where he’s involved in real estate, communications, and is also connected to the Lions and Badgers on various projects.

One overlooked fact about Chester athletes: We’ve had more in the NFL than NBA.

The Chester Panther slogan is Total Domination. LaMar gave tips on how to dominate in life first, football second.
LaMar stressed ‘Value Yourself’ to the young players. He also told them the importance of having ‘Character’
There was no shortage of questions from the younger players. The older players are too cool to be seen asking questions.
LaMar shared his stories on NFL players he had to defend. Chris Carter had the best set of hands and would routinely catch one hand passes just because he could. Randy Moss was the hardest to defend. Brett Farve talked the most smack.
The players may not have seen LaMar play or even know the players he was making reference to, but they stayed engaged the whole time.
There’s nothing more universal in football than the huddle. Closing out his talk with a group chant is how it’s done.
LaMar with my childhood buddy and Chester Panther supporter Wally McKinney. Wally and I both played sports with LaMar’s father, Chris ‘Truluck’ Legette, so we know that LaMar gets his talents honestly.