Conventional newspaper layout protocol suggest that you put related articles on the same page. For example, page 4 has two school stories related by taxes. Page 7 has a school achievement and a school appointment story. But it’s page 5 I’d like to bring to your attention.

Page 5 of today’s Delaware County Daily Times has three stories that feature crime. In those three articles we have a murder, a stabbing, a shooting with injury and one without, and a pistol whipping home invasion where the victims were tied up and burglarized.

One article displays photos of the black bad guys, the other article mentions it was 4 black guys, and it’s easy to assume the Chester article involved black guys. Sometimes, just the mere reporting of the news is enough to upset you, but when it’s all factual and true, you just have to speed your way to the sports page or comics to get a break.

What disturbed me the most was that one of the victim’s name is Airrick. As my friend Eric M. says when I shared it with him, ‘Why do we subject our children to that lifetime of mockery and shame.’