Avery Sunshine Harrah's ChesterAvery Sunshine, the Chester native who topped Billboard’s R&B charts recently, is scheduled to perform at the Chester Boys and Girls Club 85th anniversary event at Harrah’s Philadelphia in Chester. (Harrah’s does have an apostrophe “s”)

There has been some obvious confusion regarding this event. Ticket seekers are complaining, especially those who aren’t Internet savvy and others who find it inconvenient to purchase tickets at the Boys Club. Other’s are learning of the event ‘word of mouth’ and are disappointed with the promotion activity thus far. Some have said they’ve attempted to purchase at the Boys Club but tickets weren’t printed yet.

I will affirm that you can not purchase tickets at MeJah’s bookstore in the TriState Mall, Harrah’s, or from Avery Sunshine’s family members. If you’re not going to purchase online and refuse to visit the Boys Club, you may be out of luck.

Rumor has it, Rodney Bradley and Friends will open the show with a half-hour performance. Not quite sure how a gospel choir fits in with opening for an R&B act, but that’s the rumor.

Surely, the Boys and Girls Club will get it together and pack the 1000 seat venue. Hopefully, they realize Avery Sunshine is an international celebrity with fans who would consider traveling I-95 from the north (New York) and the south (Baltimore/D.C.). Considering the throng she generated at World Cafe, Philly alone could pack Harrah’s.

I’ll be sure to post the event press release when I receive it. Until then, here’s your notice.