I overheard a lady saying that she’s happy ‘they’ haven’t commercialized Dr. Martin Luther King Day like they have almost all other holidays. I wondered what bubble she lives in.

Of course there are MLK Day sales. Stores have been offering huge discounts on this day for years. You probably won’t see Sears having a ‘White Sale’, nor will Macy’s be slashing prices on robes, but coupons and discount codes are abundant on this day.

Ironically, you won’t find Home Depot discounting Day-of-Service hardware like brooms and paint. Lowes isn’t budging on Windex or Spic & Span. But, when you check out the comprehensive list of what is on sale from dozens of retailers, you will see deals just as good as you’ll find on ‘Black’ Friday (pun intended).

Click HERE for list of MLK retail savings